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MyFreeTVis an advanced entertainment system for people ‘on-the-go’, without having to pay for Internet usage, when connected to the MyFreeTv Hotspot. It allows users to access a world of multimedia content such as - Movies, Videos, TV Serials, film documentaries, video songs, news, sports videos, cartoons and devotional songs, etc., directly to the users own - Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop. All the information is transferred wirelessly to be displayed on the viewers’ devices, allowing them to enjoy a unique and outstanding experience, at absolutely zero cost, without having to incur on their Internet data usage charges.

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Music and much more

Awesome Features

  • Users get a seamless viewing experience
  • Upcoming and young talent gets a platform to show case their work
  • Advertisers get captive audience with undivided attention of consumer
  • Investors can get multiplier result by investing with MyFreeTv.in an unexplored potential for profits

Additional Features

Unbuffered Viewing
Content Specialty
NO 3G / 4G COST*

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